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Q&A: non-binary and dealing with one’s monthly cycle

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Hello. I’m nonbinary and i been trying to think of ways to deal with the monthly cycle and the fact that i dont want to birth kids but still want the option of a 2 in the future if i can. So i want something that doesn’t mean birth control or and i dont wanna take T(still undecided but leaning to no)&I was on birth control but it messed with my hormones&health to much so i feel like it isnt an option anymore. But im scared of pregnacy and i know I can’t handle that. What’s a better option?

cw: menstruation, pregnancy, child birth

hi. 🙂 i wish i could think of a better option, but no alternative is coming to mind at the moment… i feel like in the interest of keeping child bearing open as an option in the future, dealing with monthly hell and avoiding pregnancy have to be approached as being two separate problems and treated as such because there’s no temporary, preventative measure for pregnancy that i can think of tha would also relieve you of the monthly hell or vice versa…

there are things that can help you manage the symptoms / side effects of monthly hell (medication, heat patches, menstrual cups, etc), but nothing that would stop it all together short of certain birth control options or a hysterectomy, neither of which are options for you…

similarly, there are things that can help you avoid pregnancy (condoms, dental dams, abstinence, medication, etc), but nothing that would prevent pregnancy with absolute certainty and also be reversible or temporary…

not that i can think of, anyway, unless others have suggestions?

perhaps the best solution is the combine two or more solutions to get as close to what you want as possible? that, or if you’re not opposed to the option of having biological children birthed by someone else, there’s the option of freezing your eggs and getting a hysterectomy or having your “tubes tied”, but….

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