Feedback: “Hey i saw somewhere that u made that cool infographic a few years ago…”

anonymous said:

Hey i saw somewhere that u made that cool infographic a few years ago and i just wanted to thank you. I hope this was ok (i was 15 at the time so not aware of likw plagiarism and ahit) but i ended up using that infographic on some sexuality sheets i made to help people around me understand better lgbt+ identities. With that fueled a life of activism and enthusiasm towards educating people about lgbt+ stuff, the sheets even helped a few of my friends come out! And some of them discovered what their identities were! I’ve now reached a point where i got to make my own (non-infographic-plagiarised) pamphlets (all fancily printed) for my universitys lgbt+ socs freshers bags so 100s of people in one go will be seeing them! So basically thank you, you were part of this journey i’ve gone on and what you made was important to a lot of people <3

(re: this graphic i made forever ago that got reposted literally a million times)

……………….this is literally one of the kindest messages i have ever received, omgwtf no– thank you, @ravenousclaw. thank you not only for your years of activism that has undoubtedly made much more of a difference than my random graphic, but also for taking the time to track down that graphic’s creator after all this time and write such a kind, heartwarming and inspirational message.

i am beyond honored to have made something that played even a small part in your journey and very much appreciate you reaching out like this and sharing your journey with me. i feel like it must be said, though, that it really is you who is the amazing person deserving of  thanks here. thank you for everything that you’ve done, for everything that you do and for everything that you’re going to do. without a doubt, your efforts have touched many lives and and will continue to touch many more.

take care of yourself and all the best to you in the future. may you never loose that enthusiasm for activism and education. 🙂

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