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mission Read All The Queer Manga

ended up at Tsutaya today thanks to this post and what a haul!
mission Read All The Queer Manga will continue this winter vacation with:

  • 「一人交換日記」 / “Exchange Diaries” by 永田カビ / Kabi Nagata
  • 「しまなみ誰そ彼」/ “Shimanami Tasogare” by 鎌谷悠希 / Yuhki Kamatani

turns out that “Exchange Diaries” was just released two days ago, so perfect timing…! it’s a follow-up to my favorite comic essay 「

さびしすぎてレズ風俗に行きましたレポ」 / “The Private Report On My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness” (translation not mine) which i read a while ago and meant to write a post about, but never got around to. in brief, it’s an autobiographical comic essay about suddenly finding oneself lonely but completely inexperienced with relationships or intimacy at 28 years old, but at the same time having no actual drive for sex and not understanding why that is so going to a lesbian brothel because hell, what if i’m a lesbian??? it’s more complicated than that and it’s fucking awesome. i should write about it properly at some point, but anyway, i’m really excited about reading this continuation of that.

“Shimanami Tasogare” i’ve only just heard about, but am excited to get into. not sure how i even managed to not hear about the series’ author until now… i must live under a rock or something, especially considering this post featuring Yuhki Kamatani. i mean, i totally remember the debut of their first manga-turned-anime “Nabari no Ou” back in 2008, but i guess that’s before i was even aware of anything LGBTQIA myself, so… better late than never, eh. the quotes on the manga covers already have me pumped.

four more days of work and then i’m free to actually have a life for two weeks… can’t wait.

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