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Q&A: ” What did you mean by #although this is about #an korean ace #rather than an ace POC #also relevant?”

anonymous said:

Hi there! I hope you don’t think I’m attacking you or anything, I just wanted to ask about your tags in your last post (the one with the asexual K-drama character): What did you mean by #although this is about #an korean ace #rather than an ace POC #also relevant?

( re: this post )

the #although this is about #a korean ace#rather than an ace POC #also relevant tags were there to preface the tags that followed them, which were #asian american #APOC #ace POC#asexual POC.

that is to say that the character portrayed in the post is not a POC. please refer to this post where i rant about why labeling him as a POC would be inappropriate. as such, my #asian american #APOC #ace POC#asexual POC tags were not meant to be descriptive of the character being portrayed because they aren’t. i included those tags because they are, however,  #also relevant in that the post could still be considered personally relevant to an Asian American ace (who is an ace POC) who might go through my tags looking for ace representation that they can relate to.

in short, i added less relevant tags for accessibility purposes and prefaced them with the tags that you mention in the hopes that it’d explain why i included the less relevant tags, but at the same time i’m not at all surprised that they confused you (and others), anon. the whole POC thing is something that a lot of people are confused by, apparently.

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