new look, same old Queer As Cat.

finally got off my lazy ass and designed a new logo / header for Queer As Cat, which has now been carried over to all the places that my exhausted brain can think of at the moment. there’s still stuff to do (need to update the APOC links page, my profile, etc etc), but the biggest changes have been made.

what do you think…? i’m afraid to even ask. it’s such a huge change in design that it’s even going to take time for it to grow on me.

i’ve wanted to move away from the halfassed design i had before for years now. yeah, it was halfassed and shitty (never imagined that this blog or my YouTube would amount to something worth investing time & effort into designing), but more than anything i wanted to move away from flags / colors because there are way too many flags / colors associated with my various identities. the old design failed to incorporate all of them and even trying to incorporate all of them would have been futile. the new design isn’t something i actually planned…. i just played around in Photoshop for forever and this was the result…? whooo…

don’t know how long i’ll run with this design, but it’ll be a while because phew! that was a lot of work.

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