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Q&A: “Am I trans. What can I do to find out if I am.”

anonymous said:

Hey queer as a cat. Ive been questioning my gender lately. I have always felt more guyish than female. In saying that I have long hair and wear dresses. Am I trans. What can I do to find out if I am. Thank you

Anon from before who is wondering about their gender. I still do girly things? Does that make me less trans? Am I even trans I am so confused

hi. 🙂

despite what society tells you, anyone can have long hair. anyone can wear dresses. anyone can do “girly” or “guyish” things. it’s not these things that decide what your gender is or whether or not you’re trans.

based on what you’ve said, i’m assuming that society considers you to be female and you’re questioning whether you are female or not?

rather than questioning whether you act enough ‘like a boy’, perhaps try turning that question around. ask yourself, what does it mean to feel like a girl? do you even feel like a girl? even if you do to some extent, perhaps that isn’t all there is to it? after all, there are many people out there, like myself, who are neither, both or something else all together.

check out this post where i give some advice and links that will hopefully help you on your journey of questioning your gender. keep in mind that it’s perfectly okay to be confused! and that there really is no quick or easy answer to your question. give yourself time and be patient with yourself as you figure things out!

all the best, anon.

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