Q&A: “I’m about a 2 on the Kinsey scale. Am I bi?”

anonymous said:

Hi, so I’m about a 2 on the Kinsey scale. Am I bi? Do I still have the right to call myself bi? I don’t know I feel like I’m not bi enough

there is no such thing as being “not bi enough”. the only thing that determines your identity is how you yourself identify.

this is but one of the many reasons why i despise the Kinsey Scale, actually. it implies that there is some kind of sliding scale of “straightness”, “gayness” or “biness”, which is utter bullshit.

no one need fulfill some arbitrary minimal requirement of “biness” or order to identity as bi. nor does anyone need to have some arbitrary minimal amount of experience with more than one gender in order to identify as bi. no one need prove nor justify their bi identity to anyone. that includes struggling to justify it to yourself, imho.

if you feel like the word “bi” describes you, then please do feel free to identify as bi. you are the sole authority on your identity. 🙂

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