Q&A not Q&A: “I’ve heard from more than one pangender person that it excludes…?”

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Re: pangender, I’ve heard from more than one pangender person that it excludes genders that one cannot experience due to not being part of that culture? I know that pride-flags-for-us has a pangender mod if you would ever want to talk to someone about their identity? I don’t much understand it, myself, but Ive definitely seen more than once that pangender people are saying it doesn’t include culture-specific genders that they can’t experience.


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fair enough, i’ve also seen pangender people say that it excludes culture-specific genders which are not accessible to them. if that is the case for pangender people in general, then i guess a more accurate definition of pangender would be “a gender that encompasses all genders which the person in question has social/cultural access to”…..?

however, that still doesn’t address my first point of confusion about there being an infinite number of potential genders that one has access to…

anyway, thank you for the suggestion. 🙂 i could go ask a pangender person about their gender, but i don’t want to go knocking on doors putting people on the spot, so to speak. i’d rather hear from someone who will voluntarily tell me about their gender.

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