Q&A: “Can I still be considered bi?”

anonymous said:

I have a question, sorry if you’ve been asked similiar ones before. I’m sure you have. I’m a female and I like men and nb genders. I feel like I like other females too, but not to the same degree. I can see myself doing some sexual things with them, and I am attracted to the female body. But I don’t know if I would go all the way with sex with a woman. I feel like this somehow makes me less bi :/ I guess my question is: can I still be considered bi?


yes. 150% yes.

it’s totally a misconception that bi people (and multisexual/multiromantic people in general) experience attraction equally or in the same exact way towards all of the genders that they are attracted to.

this is nothing more than a misconception. a very harmful and often biphobic misconception– or even stereotype. more often than not, the fact that a bi person does not experience attraction equally to everyone they are attracted to is used by someone else to try and argue that the person in question “isn’t really bi”. that instead they’re “really just straight/gray”. this biphobic misconception/stereotype is so prolific within society that often bi people even question themselves because they somehow feel “less bi” or “not really bi” because they do not fit this misconception/stereotype. perhaps this is the case with you, anon.

rest assured that there is no such thing as not being “bi enough” or being “less” or “more” bi than anyone else. if you identify as bi then you are 150% bi. period.

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