Q&A: ” I really identify with the term ‘maverique’, but I’m a little worried about being taken seriously…”

anonymous said:

Hi! I really identify with the term ‘maverique’ and am so glad to have found it, but I’m a little worried about being taken seriously with it. It’s new and I know several gender identities are often mocked by others in the community, and certainly in society in general. ‘Maverique’ fits me so well, yet I’m still wary of using it, especially considering I plan on coming out to family soon. Should I just stick to the ‘non-binary’ umbrella for simplicity’s sake or stand by my conviction??


hello. 🙂

i’m afraid i can’t really give you an answer to your question, anon. coming out is an extremely personal decision. just as you are the only one who can decide whether to come out or not, you are the only one who can decide who you come out (or don’t come out) to and what you come out as.

it may help to keep in mind that the logistics of coming out (the “how”, the “when”, the “what as” etc) is entirely under your control. you can custom tailor your coming out to each person in your family if you come out to them individually in private. the same applies to your friends.

if you think someone is likely to not understand or to mock you, then you might decide to not come out to that person at all.

if you think there’s a chance that someone might understand you, you might decide to “test the waters” by mentioning that your gender identity is different from the one you were assigned at birth. based on how they respond, you might choose to leave things at that or you might want to tell them more about yourself.

if you think someone is very likely to be understanding of you, you might feel more comfortable coming out using whatever word(s)  you prefer, including maverique.

it’s all entirely up to you. do whatever you think will work best given your family members and situation. feel things out as you go.

whatever you decide to do, i wish you the best.

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