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rant: name change + expat pains

the desire to legally change my name to Vesper is steadily growing….. but the more i think about the actual process, the more i curse being an expat. ;( being an expat makes so many things dually difficult.

since i’m legally still a resident of Nevada (even though i haven’t really lived there in a decade), i’d have to do the name change there. based on preliminary research, the entire process will take about a month and i would physically have to be in Las Vegas…. there is no way i’ll ever get a month off work to be able to do that! ;( on top of that, i’d also have to update other things like social security, my NV drivers license, bank account etc, all of which i’m sure would have to be done in person, thus extending my required stay in America….

then, on top of that, i would have to get a new passport and i’m not sure if that would have to be done before i could even return to Japan? and getting a new passport takes a month! then, once back in Japan, i’d have to update my resident card, my japanese drivers license, bank account, etc etc etc..

……i swear, sometimes it feels like the cons of being an expat outweigh the pros. ;( even so, i have no intention of returning to America for good anytime soon, so i guess that means i’ll have to put up with my given name for who knows how long…. frustrating.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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