• Black[ness],  Japan[ese]

    Re: growing up and dealing with antiblackness in Japan [video]

    queernigga: !!!  So my friend sent me this video on growing up and dealing with antiblackness in Japan and it’s SO. REAL. It’s only in Japanese (sorry non-Japanese speakers).  I encourage you to watch and share. For students of Japanese language – the dialogue is super clear and you might be surprised at how much you understand! 人権啓発ビデオ 「わたしたちが伝えたい,大切なこと ~アニメで見る 全国中学生人権作文コンテスト入賞作品~」(1/4)【差別のない世界へ】(字幕あり) i really like this up until the “you should make yourself vulnerable and explain yourself and your hurt feelings to your bully” and the subsequent, mildly offensive optimism of said bully responding with “oh geez, i never thought about or noticed your feelings. i’m sorry! i won’t do it again” bit– but eh. i’m a jaded as all fuck black gaijin living in Japan who has zero experience actually going through the Japanese school system as a student. i would say that. that aside, i do like this video. it’s easily the best…

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    podcast recommendations?

    anyone have any queer-related (or relevant) podcast recommendations…? bonus points if it’s hosted by QPOC. preferably not iTunes exclusive. looking for something educational / intriguing / interesting to listen to on my weekly 3 hour (1.5 hours each way) commute across the Greater Kanto Area so i can be Quasi-Productive rather than fall asleep and miss my stops zzz… thanks in advance. 🙂