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QAC 68 – 3 Months on T: Libido Changes || Non-Binary | Asexual || The T Files #007

a little over three months later, the changes that i’m experiencing on 100mg / 2 weeks of injectible testosterone are seemingly more subtle than they were starting out… or perhaps that’s just me being less hyperaware of every single little thing now compared to in the beginning when every single little thing was Amaze and OMG.

there’s only so long a person can maintain such hyperawareness of their own body before the hyperawareness itself becomes exhausting, you know?

either way, noticeable changes are still happening and in this episode of The T Files i talk about weight gain, changing personal hygiene, higher body temperature, changes in libido and related Asexy Feels along with The Much TMI, So WTF topic of genitalia shiz.

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YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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