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QAC 56 – Non-Binary In The Workplace: Job Hunting In Japan

navigating any job market as a non-binary and / or gender non-conforming person can be tough, especially given the current void of information and resources available on the subject. since i’ve recently found myself having to navigate Japan’s job market, i figured i might as well threw my own personal experience out there into the void. perhaps it’ll help someone else out there.

please note that this video is not a ‘how-to’ on finding a job in Japan. rather, i talk about my own (limited) personal experience the job market in Japan in terms of navigating names when your actual name differs from your current legal name, navigating Japanese standards of “professional attire”, being forced to reevaluate things like HRT and “activism” outside of the workplace, etc.

long video is long, so here are some jump points for ease of viewing:

?00:56 – disclaimers
?02:26 – background information
?03:19 – navigating names (resumes, interviews, etc)
?11:28 – navigating attire / presentation (clothing, hair, piercings)
?18:04 – navigating other stuff (HRT, life of outside work, etc)
?22:29 – contact information

English captions coming within the next week, hopefully…

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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