[Random] Thoughts,  Japan[ese]

*yawns* …so that happened.

…i’ve lived in Japan long enough that i rarely if ever experience culture shock anymore, but every time– EVERY time i’m in a Japanese LGBT space, be it at Pride, at a meetup or a bar / club the culture shock is so fkin profound it almost leaves me speechless…

might write a blurb later about tonight’s ‘adventure’ at “lesbian night” at a local gay bar if ppl are interested. looking forward to the (gaijin! yes plzzzz) ace meetup tomorrow! although apologies in advance because i’m going to be dead on my feet. it’s 1:30am and i’m still walking home, but have to catch a super early train (among several) in the morning to get to Chiba…… (´-﹏-`;)

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