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QAC 52 – Non-Binary vs Trans Identity | “Transitioning” | #NonBinaryYT

as someone who is non-binary but who does not identify as trans, i have a rather complicated relationship with the term and concept of  “transitioning” and with trans-specific community, resources, etc in general.

this video, a submission to the #NonBinaryYT collaboration project, is about my personal relationship with trans identity, my coming out process, what has and hasn’t changed for me during the 4 years that i’ve identified as non-binary, thoughts on “transitioning” as non-binary and conflicted feelings about rejecting trans identity.

————– TIME POINTS ————

@ 00:00 – Intro: What is #NonBinaryYT?
——– (ie. you should totally participate if you’re non-binary and interested)
@ 01:00 – Q1. Do you identify as trans? What does that mean to you?
——– (ie. not identifying as trans and why that is uuggghh)
@ 02:58 – Q2. What did coming out for the first time look like for you?
——– (ie. discovering the word non-binary & changing identities)
@ 04:19 – Q3. What has changed for you since you came out and / or transitioned?
——– (ie. being annoyed with the term “transition” & changing dysphoria)
@ 06:27 – Q4. Do you feel like transition is an ongoing process or something you can complete?
——– (ie. more uuggghh hidden behind an attempt at seeming philosophical)
@ 07:34 – Q5. Any other thoughts?
——– (ie. feeling conflicted about disidentifying as trans and more uuggghh)


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…for once this video actually isn’t as whingey or heated as i make it sound. i’m so proud of myself. ;(

see also: the “let’s talk: the trans/cis binary” (the text post).

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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