Q&A not Q&A: “I know I do too I’m sorry if it came out the wrong way…”

anonymous said:

I know I do too I’m sorry if it came out the wrong way 🙁 I wanted to write something different because I hate the word normal but I was like 2 characters over the limit :/ I apologize. But thanks a lot for the answer!

(I should’ve used common but I couldn’t think of the word because english isn’t my first language)

(re: this post)

it didn’t come out the wrong way at all, anon. i could tell that you yourself did not like using the word “normal” because you put it in quotes. no worries! i just commented on the “normal” thing anyway because a lot of people do use that wording and i always feel the need to push back against that, even when doing so is unnecessary…

sorry if what i said made you feel like you did something wrong, anon, because you certainly didn’t. <3

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