Japan[ese],  Queer[ness]


…and with that, Tokyo Rainbow Pride has come and gone once again. to everyone who came out and i was able to meet (the majority of whom don’t even use Tumblr and will never see this, but whatever) お疲れ! it was great seeing you!

the past two days have seriously gone by in a whirlwind. so much happened, met so many people, got so little sleep, took way too may photos. perhaps most importantly, this year was the third year that i, along with other aces, went to TRP & walked in the parade and i think this year was definitely the best yet! we even had a really great meetup afterwards. 🙂

i really want to hibernate for a few days to recover from the awesomeness, but alas i have to drag my ass to work and get mauled by kids tomorrow. and for days after that. ugh.

lots of photos etc to come this weekend or next week zzz…

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