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Q&A: “I have been wondering if I am trans.”

anonymous said:

Hello Queer as a cat. I have been wondering if I am trans. Since I was younger I prefured guy things and made friends with guys more easily. But ever since ive moved into Highschool. (Im 17) ive got all female friends. I dislike female clothes and will buy from mens section. When I think about being a boy a perfer it but sometimes not as strongly as if “eh im a girl” a part of me feels like I am a boy. I will always say ever since I was a kid”I wish I was a boy” I am very confused. thank you. Same person about questioning gender. I never really thought much about this until learning more about trans and making trans friends

hi. 🙂

it’s not uncommon at all for someone to begin actively questioning one’s gender after learning that not everyone identifies as the gender that society says they are (e.g. upon finding out that trans people exist). please don’t feel like that discredits or invalidates how you feel, because it doesn’t.

i can’t tell you whether you’re trans or not because that is something that only you can decide. i will say, though, that i think you’re on the right track to finding out the answer to your question yourself.

thinking back on the experiences and feelings that you’ve had is a big part of the journey that many people go through when questioning their gender. that said, as much as thinking about your past may help you better understand yourself, it’s also important to think about how you feel now. do you feel like you are a boy now? even if it’s just a part of you that feels that way, focus on that. if you feel like you are a boy, even if only partially, then perhaps you are. perhaps there’s even more to it than that (i mean, there are more than just two genders after all), but then again perhaps that really is all there is to it. hmm!

i know that questioning your gender can be really confusing and possibly even uncomfortable at times, but try to take things slow. there is no simple answer to who you are as a person and there really is no time limit or race to finding out. you’ll find answers in time, so in the meantime try to enjoy the ride. 🙂

good luck!

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