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Tokyo Ace Meetup

attn: ace, ace spectrum and otherwise awesome people in central Japan!

event: hanami (cherry blossom viewing), tea/coffee and dinner
date: Sunday, April 5th 2015
time: 11:45am ~ whenever (8pm maybe?)
location: Tokyo; contact me for details
note: for hanami, please BYO everything!

i’d been putting off announcing this for forever while people got organized, but now it’s gotten late and people still aren’t organized so whatever.

a meetup started being organized months ago on AVEN for April 5th, but upon finding out about Stonewall Japan (LGBT for foreigners) and a local Tokyo LGBT group’s hanami party on the same day, we’ve decided to join in on their fun for part of the day. because different people are available at different times, my proposed (rough) itinerary is:

11:45 – meetup @undisclosed station
then join up with the Stonewall Japan/Tokyo LGBT group for hanami
14:30 – meetup @undisclosed cafe
for chichat over drinks and more asexy timez
18:00 – meetup @undisclosed restaurant
for dinner and more asexy timez

people are free to join in and leave whenever they want and this itinerary could very well change a lot between now and then. hell, we might end up in Akihabara at some random themed cafe because people feel like it.

if you’re interested in participating or just dropping by and saying hi, contact me! i can give you more details as they come about or you can just message me the day of to find out where we are atm.

contact me via a Tumblr ask (OFF anonymous), email, skype or LINE.
– email: queerascat at gmail dot com
– skype: nighstar
– LINE: nighstar


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