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    never not going to be bitter about having been essentially told to ‘shut up’ and ‘stay in my lane’ repeatedly by aro aces because i ‘already have enough [media] representation’, all based on them deciding for me that i’m an (allo)ro ace. let’s not forget the added irony that i am in fact not (allo)ro– the very premise of their claims which were subsequently used to fuel an inquisition against (allo)ro people in general, be they ace or not– but more importantly, i was being told this specifically over a show that is ripe with homophobic tropes, erases one of its lead characters’ bisexuality in addition to another lead character’s asexuality– all while simultaneously perpetrating biphobia; a show that also lacks a single non-binary character and in fact only has a couple of black characters because they were inserted into it as tokens. yeah, never going to not be bitter about that.