[Random] Thoughts

…mmm, decided there hasn’t been enough Calcifer on this blog, so here you go.

took Cal to the vet yesterday to get bloodwork done for allergy testing because he has some pretty bad allergic reactions to food. long story short, poor thing was shivering pretty badly in his carrier every time we had to walk around outside (which was a lot) despite having blankets, so i went and bought him a dog coat today.

fun times ensued and will continue to ensue because thanks to Japan he’s gonna be a fashionista once i finally stop being poor. which means i’ll never stop being poor. fuck me.

you can follow Cal on his Instagram:, which very much needs updating. video clips like the collage above can only be seen via “stories” on the IG app. he also makes appearances on my Snapchat: queerascat zzz…

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