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Re: podcast recommendations?


anyone have any queer-related (or relevant) podcast recommendations…? bonus points if it’s hosted by QPOC. preferably not iTunes exclusive.

looking for something educational / intriguing / interesting to listen to on my weekly 3 hour (1.5 hours each way) commute across the Greater Kanto Area so i can be Quasi-Productive rather than fall asleep and miss my stops zzz…

thanks in advance. 🙂

a huge thank you to everyone who suggested podcasts for me to check out! i really appreciate your help. also, i think i very much underestimated how popular podcasts even are since i haven’t actually followed any before and have never even ventured into the realm of fictional podcasts before. thanks to everyone’s help, i’ve amassed a list of 27 podcasts to check out– and counting! i even made a thing so that i actually look into all of them as i’m really bad at starting and not finishing things…

today i checked out episode 7 of Queery featuring ‘bicon’ and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Stephanie Beatriz who talk about her experience growing up bi & struggling with an eating disorder– loved it! will definitely check out other episodes and recommend to others. also listened to the entire mini-season of The Heart’s “no”, recounting the host’s lifelong journey / struggle with boundaries, consent and agency (cw and tw for every possible thing re: sex and sexual violence; seriously, respect your triggers because this is very graphic and raw). i’m sure i was making every kind of inappropriate or strange facial expression on the train while listening to this, but it was so good, ffffff. will have to listen to the entire thing again when not on a crowded trains so i can actually think on it.

anyway, all of this to say that i’ve found two gems already thanks to everyone’s help and i’m going to check out all of the others recommended podcasts as well. thanks again!

p.s. still open to recs if anyone has more to share. also, feel free to use the thing i made to find recs for yourself.

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