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spotted: same-gender marriage feature on Japanese news

there i was, doing stuff on my computer totally not paying attention to the news on TV, when i looked up and saw “LGBT” in big letters on the screen. i ran and got my phone to take photos lmao.

the story was about an American and Japanese same-gender couple trying to get married in Japan. about how for the American it was so frustrating because same-gender marriage had finally been made legal in his home country, but here in Japan wedding agency after agency kept refusing them because they wouldn’t perform a same-gender wedding, but then finally after months of trying they found an agency who would wed them. they were even able to be wed at a shrine like they wanted. 🙂 in the end, they also got married in America too, so it was a happy ending!

in Japan where LGBT/セクマイ awareness is extremely low and the media often perpetrates misinformation and transphobia, it’s always a pleasant surprise when i come across something positive, especially when it’s about something Japan-based. 🙂

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