[Random] Thoughts


sorry for going M.I.A., especially to those of you who’ve sent me asks/submissions. i’ve been computerless for the past week since my laptop died *wipes tear from eye* but an amazing friend (you know who you are! THANK YOU!!!) came to my rescue by letting me use her Mac until i can afford to buy a new laptop. <3

so now i’m bumbling around the first Mac that i’ve ever used in my life. whooooo~! i will respond to asks/submissions and start reblogging posts again as soon as i can catch my breath from work. also, i’m hoping to find a program that will let me edit and render my vlogs without paying money…. otherwise my YouTube channel will be dead for months until i get a new laptop. 🙁

in other news, i got to meet the amazing queenieofaces this past weekend! myself and a couple of other aces met with her in Tokyo where we did totally-not-asexy-but-still-fun-questionmark stuff. my apologizies for not showing you a better, more asexy time, Queenie! it was really great meeting you, though. definitely let me know when you’re in Japan again in the future. 🙂

…and now to poke around this computer some more before making dinner and going to bed.

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