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QAC 11 – Growing Up Ace (Asexual)

as a followup to QAC 02 – The Road to Asexuality, this video “briefly” covers my childhood and what brought me to questioning whether or not i was asexual in the first place.

it should probably be noted that i am what some aces call a “non-libidoist” asexual. that is, in addition to being asexual (ie. not experiencing sexual attraction), i also happen to not experience a libido/sex drive.

not having a libido/sex drive should NOT be confused with asexuality , which is simply a lack of sexual attraction. some asexuals do experience an active sex drive/libido, while others do not. either way, my lack of libido/sex drive is just something that happened alongside my asexuality; it isn’t what makes me asexual……

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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