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    while randomly watching videos on YouTube i came across the vlog of a Japanese FtX (their words, not mine) person. i was so happy that i immediately started typing a comment introducing myself, but when it came to saying that i’m neutrois i couldn’t figure out how to say it. see, Japanese kind of sucks…. there is no word to distinguish between SEX and GENDER– the both equate to 性 (sei). i dare say that the entire concept of gender vs sex is lacking in Japan, but that’s a topic for another time. i thought that maybe neutrois could be translated as 無性者 (museisha; literally translates to “person without sex/gender”) but apparently that’s used to mean asexual! wtffffff….. so then i thought that maybe i could say 中立性者 (chuuritsuseisha), which literally translates to “neutral person” but apparently 中立性 (chuuritsusei) is used in regards to having a neutral stance on any given thing and so wouldn’t really be used specifically for gender despite 性 (sei)…

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    QAC 16 – Asexuality and the LGBTQ Community

    ======= NAVIGATION BELOW ======= @00:00 – Disclaimer @01:09 – Is Asexuality part of the LGBTQ community? @01:57 – Arguments against inclusion of asexuality @03:58 – My opinion @05:07 – The Center, Vegas’ LGBTQ center @06:10 – Las Vegas PRIDE @06:53 – Asexual alienation in LGBTQ spaces @09:35 – The lack of B, T and other groups in LGBTQ spaces @11:59 – Asexual pride at PRIDE events…? @13:11 – “A” bashing in the film Gayby @14:01 – Does the rainbow flag really represent the entire LGBTQ? ================================ long video is LONG, i know. sorry! i have a lot to say on this subject. i understand that not everyone will agree with me on this topic; i certainly don’t expect eveyone to! i’m very interested in hearing others’ opinions on this, whether in regards to asexuality and the LGBTQ community or any other identity and the LGBTQ community. thanks for watching. 🙂