welcome to the Queer As Cat blog, a more open-ended, written counterpart to the YouTube channel of the same name.

Queer As Cat (QAC) is the personal blog / vlog (turned petproject?!) of Vesper and serves mostly as an outlet for Vesper’s various musings, rants and other miscellaneous blurbs about topics relevant to them, including (but by no means limited to) (a)sexuality, gender, queer identity and race / ethnicity. unlike the Tumblr blog that proceeded this reiteration of QAC, however, this blog will also incorporate Vesper’s favorite hobby, photography, as Vesper is tired of keeping their love of photography separate from the other things that they do.

they also just felt like it was about time that QAC had a domain name and existed outside of Tumblr, because Tumblr can be toxic afffffffff.

in addition to being a YouTube channel and Tumblr blog, which now exists primarily for disseminating Vesper’s own shit stuff, signal boosting others’ and reblogging things they personally find interesting. QAC also exists in another form as the sideblog, BLAQUEER, which is focused on reblogging things relevant to the various intersections of being mentally (un)healthy, black and queer.


Vesper loves cats. LOVES CATS. and some people think that cats are weird (“queer”) or that they do strange (“queer”) things when really cats are just doing what comes naturally to them, just like everyone else. so a “queer” cat isn’t really queer at all? And Vesper feels like they are as “queer” as a cat…?

that’s some kinda logic, that.

please don’t ask them, because they don’t even know.