behind the scenes of Queer As Cat is Vesper H.


Vesper in a nutshell:

  • age: 33
  • from: Las Vegas, USA
  • currently: Japan
  • gender: maverique
  • pronouns: they / them / their
  • identities: queer; asexual; maverique; non-binary; pan & bi; black; apatheist; animist; expat;
  • interests: animals (esp. cats); photography; queer theory; traveling; languages; food; more cats; more queer stuff

while this blog is by no means an advice blog and Vesper is not an expert on anything, you can ask them questions (or even just chat with them) via the contact page or by email at queerascat AT gmail DOT com. they’ll do their best to respond in a timely manner.

the goal is for this blog to be a safe space for Vesper as well as for readers, so by all means please do let Vesper know if you come across something that you find triggering, offensive or incorrect. Vesper’s more than happy to learn from their mistakes.

mi parolas ankaŭ Esperanton, do bonvolu senhezite kontakti min esperante.