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? QAC 77 – Legal Name Change || Non-Binary Gender Markers || “”Deadnames”“ || NEVADA

having socially ‘transitioned’ my name years ago, it feels amazing to finally have my name reflected correctly on legal documents, identification, etc. not only that, “X” as a gender marker has recently become a possibility for me…!
except, you know. not really. because everything always has to be complicated for me. always. and America is fucking ridiculous.
in this video, i talk about my personal experience with socially changing my name, the process & timeline of legally changing my name in Nevada / Washingon state, and go on a tangentially relevant rant about why i personally detest the term “deadname”.
for those interested in looking into legally changing your name and/or gender marker, check out these amazing resources:

legal ‘transition’ as a non-binary person in America is a joke, but i managed to not be overly bitter about it in the video somehow. just know that there was and is much internal screaming regardless. :’)

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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