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QAC 74 – 1 Year on HRT: Non-Binary Dysphoria | Euphoria | “Passing” || The T Files #010

happy new year…! speaking of new years, i seem to have inadvertently ended up still being on T (nearly) 1 year after having started, despite having never intended to continue HRT for so long…

well, truth be told, i’m kind of struggling to stop taking T now that i’ve started, but we’ll get into that…! if you watch the video, that is.
as long video is long, here are timestamps to help you along:

@02:50 ~ HRT TIMELINE and dosage history
@08:12 ~ MENTAL CHANGES: changes in dysphoria, etc
@08:43 ~ TMI DYSPHORIA: monthly hell, chest stuff
@14:29 ~ PHYSICAL CHANGES: facial hair, neck width
@17:05 ~ SOCIAL CHANGES: 4 awkward gender happenings

as my actual 1 year anniversary is in two weeks (January 12th), i might post a video compilation of sorts of voice clips and photos taken over the course of this past year, but at the moment i’m not exactly sold on the idea…

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