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QAC 73 – 【Asexuality In JAPAN】An Interview ♠【アセクシャルって?】日本x英語圏  || #AAW2018

Happy Asexual Awareness Week! I hope you, reader, are doing well.

Last month, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two activists in Japan to shoot this interview about a topic that is pretty dear to me; that is, about the current state of the asexual community in Japan. It goes without saying that everything that’s said in the video is nothing but the experiences and opinions of three people and should NOT be mistaken as being representative of the experiences or opinions of everyone, but at the same time, who better to ask than two of the most active and dedicated people that I know in what is essentially the current hub for ace activity in Japan (Tokyo)?

In this 23-minute and 10-question long (bear with me) interview, I sit down with 21 year old YouTuber, ace activist and friend, Nakaken of Seisei Doudou / 性性堂堂, as well as 27 year old up-and-coming YouTuber, activist and researcher of asexuality in Japan, Dai-chan of Sukotan Channel / すこたんチャネル.

For the past four years, I’ve (more or less) been engaged in ace communities (Japanese and foreign) in Japan behind the scenes of this channel and blog, not really talking about asexuality in Japan beyond blurbs about Tokyo Pride, lazy venting and responding to anonymous questions on Tumblr, where questions about asexuality and Japan are among the most frequent questions that I get.

And having said that, enough with my (admittedly biased) feels about asexuality in Japan. I’d much rather you hear what Nakaken and Dai-chan have to share with you about asexuality outside of the spotlight of the anglosphere.

 Question list and times below.

※/ TIMES + QUESTIONS /※/ タイミング + 質問 ※

? 02:11
Q1.  How did you hear about asexuality?
--- どうやってAセクシャリティについて知っていましたか。

? 05:22
Q2. How much awareness do you think there is of asexuality in Japan?
--- 日本では一般的な人はどのぐらいAセクについて

? 08:11
Q3. Have you come out to anyone as asexual?
--- Aセクとしてカミングアウトしたことありますか。

? 08:16
Q3.5 How have people reacted to you coming out as asexual?
--- Aセクとしてカミングアウトして、リアクはどうでしたか。

? 09:51
Q4. Have you had to come out to someone multiple times because they forget that you being ace is a thing?
--- 自分がAセクであることを忘れったり、何回も同じ人に

? 11:10
Q5. Is is hard to find asexual resources in Japanese?
--- 日本語でのAセクについての資料は見つけにくいですか。

? 14:41
Q6. Is the ace community in Japan different from in Anglophone countries?
--- 日本でのAセクのコミュは英語圏のと違いますか。

? 15:56
Q6.5 Is the terminology used by aces in Japan the same as in English?
--- 日本でのAセクの用語は英語と一緒ですか。

? 18:08
Q7. What's hindering awareness of asexuality in Japan, in your opinion?
--- なぜAセクシャリティの知名度がもっと高くにならないと思いますか。

? 19:44
Q8. Do you ever find it troublesome that many words used in ace / LGBT spaces in Japan are imported from English?
--- AセクやLGBTのコミュの中でよく使われてる単語のほとんどは

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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