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QAC 71 – Testosterone, Libido & Asexuality: Has HRT Changed My Sexuality? || The T Files #009

six months on testosterone and navigating having a (over)active libido (or “sex drive”) to show for it. as an ace, suddenly having to navigate having a high libido for the first time in my life has been…. interesting, to say the least.

as someone who understands the apprehension that i’ve seen other non-binary and / or trans aces have towards pursuing testosterone-based HRT, i figured i’d throw my own (limited) experience and two cents out for those who may be interested in it.

having said that, navigating having an active libido isn’t the only thing that i’ve found myself having to navigate for the first (and same) time… as such, i feel the need to put out a disclaimer that everything that i’ve said in this video in regards to experience and opinion is very much still a work in progress and (like everything) is subject to change in the future….


…..and now that that’s finally posted and out of the way, back to the real topic at hand. that is, wtf is “”limerence”” and why does every definition of it characterize it as being “obsessive”…?? probably because that’s what “limerance” means…

in which case, yeah. no. hmm.


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