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Q&A: “I share very similar feelings on the topic of asexuality [in Japan]….”

anonymous asked:

I share very similar feelings on the topic of asexuality. I am also an asexual living in Japan, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I just recently learned the words and meanings for Aセクシュアル and ノンセクシュアル. Since I am not aromantic, that would mean I’m “nonsexual,” but I feel like the “A”/”ace”/”asexual” word itself is a big part of my identity. I feel a little upset over it. I want to still identify as asexual, but I also don’t want to confuse and have to explain thoroughly everytime. Thoughts? Ty!

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i felt and still feel the same way, so i just use Aセクシャル / アセクシャル / Aセク and deal with whatever confusion or misunderstanding may eventually result from that on a case-by-case basis. that, or i straight up just say that i’m バイでAセク (a bi ace) and let them infer from that what they will, answering whatever follow-up questions people may have.

in my experience, most people these days understand that Aセク is increasingly commonly used to encompass both terms and cant bother to try and “correct” you or suggest that you use ノンセク instead. that said, from time to time there’ll be an event / conversation / etc going on where a distinction is made between these two words / identities that leaves me feeling excluded / questioning whether i’m being included or not.

if i’m being honest, though, i haven’t bothered interacting with the Japanese ace community for months now, because i can’t be assed to deal with navigating the Japanese ace community anymore than i can the English ace community right now, so there’s also that. i might get off my ass and organize an gaijin ace event for next month, though, that you’re welcome to join in on if you’re in the Kanto area / can get to Tokyo. at the very least, terminology won’t be so much of a  problem among English-speaking gaijin? lol

p.s. not sure whether you wanted this responded to privately or not. if so, let me know and i’ll delete this post.

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