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Preference Or Prejudice? | Queer Britain – Episode 4



From a mixed-race household with Middle Eastern and Irish heritage, Riyadh – with his unusual name and fair complexion – knows first-hand how judgemental the gay community online can be.

With his perceived ‘white privilege’, he explores the casual racism in the LGBTQ+ community and asks, when does preference become prejudice?

Queer Britain is a six-part series, and new episodes will be released each Sunday morning.

cw: blatant racism, sexual objectification, explicit genitalia & sex talk… mind your triggers.

there was one part of this where i had to pause the video (multiple times) and silently scream streams of expletives. guess when that was. come on, i dare you.

suffice it to say that by the time the episode finally moved on from focusing on the gay scene, i was legit relieved.

even so, residual silent screaming.

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