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Q&A: “…I can kind of relate to what your earlier post is about the representations of androgyny and nonbinary people…”

anonymous said:

hey I just wanted to say that I can kind of relate to what your earlier post is about, not in that i’m black but in that i’m amab and the representations of androgyny and nonbinary people I see tend to be of a white, slim, crew cut hair cut with afab secondary sex characteristics, like a white pre-t trans man. my face is distincitvely male so it’s really not possible for me to pull off that look you were talking about because I can’t fit into that narrow somewhat accepted box.

I might be getting a bit philosphical but I think that society see things in categories, like the light spectrum, even though there are infinite shades we demarcate them into 8 colours, in the past lgbt was pretty much all the colours there were, now there’s lgbtqia+. So if it’s any consolation as someone who is sort of in the same kind of boat as you, I think, over time, the black and white colour of what nonbinary people are will broaden to be a rainbow, and let the entire spectrum be seen.


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i appreciate the (philosophical?) commentary, anon. there are so many (often intersecting) ways in which mainstream representation (if not representation in general) fails people and i’m sorry that you’re in a similar boat as me because of it. despite that, you’re still able to be positive about it and were even kind enough to share your positivity with me.

thank you. 🙂

being positive most definitely is not my forte, so i appreciate all the help with that that i can get.

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