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thank you

thank you @gc2b-apparel for the awesome sale! and thank you to BetterHelp.com, who sponsored this video about online therapy. most of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who watched it and to those who went a step further and even gave BetterHelp a try, you are The Awesomest Awesome to ever Awesome. i want you all to know that it’s entirely thanks to you that i can even afford these new binders at all.

after nearly 4 years of wearing the same binders, which don’t even really bind at all anymore– which in turn has caused me many “ffffff– gotta layer! ffffff– layering does nothing– FFFFF” days– it’s more than about time that i get new ones.

upcoming binder review once they make it to Japan and i’ve had time to try them out? probably.

perhaps what i’m looking forward to the most is seeing how Nude No. 2 looks against my skin tone, because this is literally the first time in my life finding something “nude” that takes into consideration that i, the customer, might not be white or ““fair-skinned””. first time. ever. seriously. regardless of whether it actually matches my skin tone or not, all praise be to gc2b for their “Nude” collection. ??????

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