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Q&A: “How exactly would I ever come out [as asexual] to my parents?”

anonymous said:

This is random but haiii , i just wanted to stop by and say you are amazing.. You helped me a lot with my sexuality(Asexual) and I would like to thank you ^~^ but I do have one question.. How exactly would I ever come out to my parents?

ohai, anon. thanks for the kind words. 🙂 also, sorry about my slow response, especially if you were hoping for a reply ahead of National Coming Out Day.

i can’t tell you how exactly to come out to your parents. the question of if you should even come out at all and if yes, when? how? where? etc is entirely up to you. not everyone comes out to their parents for various reasons and it’s important that you give due consideration as to whether you should come out to yours or not, not just how to do it. remember that you are not under any obligation to come out and in not coming out who you are would be no less valid and real.

having said all that, if you decide that coming out is what you want to do, these might help:

best wishes, anon.

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