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QAC 60 – Race, Culture & [A]sexuality: Support Asexual People Of Color

Asexual Awareness Week is a week set aside in October to not only show your pride as an asexual person, but to help raise awareness of asexuality and asexual people. sadly, some of the people who are most in need of increased awareness and resources are those who go unnoticed even within the asexual community itself.

it’s no secret that the Asexual Community, particularly in English-speaking countries, has a Whiteness Problem. or at least, i hope that it isn’t. there is more often than not a distinct lack of racial / ethnic diversity in asexual communities and spaces, which is why it ought to surprise no one that there is also a lack of resources and even awareness among fellow aces about the unique and diverse struggles and needs of aces of color.

with the bulk of asexual awareness, resources and discourse revolving around white faces and common narratives that are themself often derived from a uniquely white experience of what it is to be asexual, where is the support and inclusion for those for whom their racial, ethnic and / or cultural identity/ies inform their ace identity?

there are glaring ways in which asexual awareness efforts, activism and the asexual community in general have failed and continue to fail me as someone who is simultaneously asexual and black . it’s my hope that we all can work together towards a future where there will no longer be aces of color who find themselves on the outskirts of a community that claims to be welcoming and inclusive.

…you’d never know that i dragged my tired ass outta bed at 4:00 in the morning after 3hrs of sleep to record this video unless i told you. so i’m telling you.

undecided whether or not the content of this video is deserving of a text post, but captions will be added once my hand stops making me want to saw it off in time for Halloween.

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