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Q&A: “I stumbled across the term Maverique a few days ago…”

anonymous said:

I stumbled across the term Maverique a few days ago. Before I went w/ the gender I was assigned at birth (cuz ¯_(ツ)_/¯), but the definition just “clicked”. After reading more about it I’m not sure if I can ID that way tho, cuz while I don’t feel genderless, or like a man/woman, I do feel kinda “feminine”, but it’s not like “”””feminine””””, you know? It’s really “me”/innate & unrelated to things outside myself, but feminine as a word still fits, just the concept of feminine is my own. Thoughts?

sorry for the slow reply, anon.

i’m sorry that my definition of maverique being what it is has caused you to question whether you can identify as maverique or not. my personal stance is that if you feel like ‘maverique’ describes you then it does, even if ‘feminine’ also happens to describe you as well. i’m the last person to say that someone “can” or “can’t” identify as something that feels right to them. by all means, if it feels fitting to you to do so, please do adopt ‘maverique’ for yourself.

on a side note, i’d also like to throw out there that

femininity isn’t necessarily the “”“”“”femininity”“”“”“ that you seemed to be referring to in your ask. concepts of femininity and masculinity aren’t limited to any one society’s understanding of them. by that i mean that i think it’s not at all uncommon for someone who considers themself to be feminine or masculine to consider themselves as such not because of things outside of themself, as you put it. femininity and masculinity are not always performative but can very much also describe things that are entirely natural or innate to a person; things that society or the person themself just happen to subsequently refer to as ‘femininity’, ‘masculinity’, ‘androgyny’ and/ or even ‘maveriquinity’

too long and convoluted; don’t read: i see no reason why being feminine, a form of self and / or gender expression, would conflict with being a particular gender like maverique. if there can be feminine men (hint: there are feminine men) then there can be feminine mavs (hint: there are feminine mavs).  one’s gender does not dictate how one expresses oneself or one’s gender… and i ought to revise my definition of maverique to make that clearer.

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