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Re: …i just did something bad.

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went back to the petshop this morning after picking up a toy for the yet-to-be-named kitten because he didn’t have anything to play with in his cage and that’s just fucking depressing. also picked up some pet-friendly wet wipes to clean him up a bit. when i got there, i was able to take him out of his cage and noticed that they’d cleaned him up a bit since i was there yesterday. much appreciated. <3

stood there holding him for a good 5 minutes with him just chilling there in my arms, not trying to get away, crying out or anything. seriously the calmest 4mo kitten i’ve ever met.


until i put him back in his cage with his new (catnip-filled) toy. even the staff stood there amazed at the instantaneous change in him. kittens will be be kittens, after all.

just wait until i bring him home and pamper the fuck out of him. 🙂

i’ll be visiting him on and off until i’m finally able to bring him home, but i’ll spare you all further updates until then. really looking forward to bringing this cute little terror home, even if it means coming home from work for a while to a destroyed apartment.

…also went to ‘movie night’ hosted by a queer group in Tokyo where i got to eat homemade food and finally see “Saving Face”– awesome movie, 5 stars, would recommend– but you know, that’s not important.

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