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カルシファー、お帰り。 Welcome Home, Calcifer.

after two long days of frantic cleaning and setup amidst long work hours, i was finally able to go out into the rain and bring Calcifer (Cal) home ahead of the slowly approaching typhoon. he’s now been home for 24 hours and i can honestly say that it’s like he should have always been here to begin with. but also that it’s as if i’ve finally gotten back something that goes beyond finally having a cat again. something that i lost 4 years ago in losing my two Devon Rex, with whom he seems to have so much in common with that i could honestly cry. ;(

having met and worked with hundreds of cats and kittens (among other animals) during the course of 3 years spent as a volunteer photographer at an Australian humane society, i can honestly say that he is such a unique and special little cat without that even being in reference to his pedigree. his unique personality is what i noticed about him when i first met him and the past 24 hours spent with him have only confirmed my intuition. those of you reading this who aren’t cat or animal lovers may think me odd for getting so sentimental over a cat, but you can also go fuck yourself. 🙂

being an expat without permanent residency in any of the countries i’ve lived in has always proved to be an added layer of difficulty to the challenge of having a pet. after being torn from my last two cats, i promised myself that i’d never have another pet again unless i was both willing and able to do whatever it takes to never be separated from them again.

enter Calcifer.

come nuclear missile or magnitude 8.9 earthquake, i will keep that promise and do whatever it takes to make sure i’m not torn apart from this little guy. ever. even if that sees me walking long distances across Kanto because trains are down or us both traveling cross-country or internationally.

so welcome home, Cal. お帰り。

expect to see a lot of cameos of him on YouTube because we live in a one-room apartment and to say that he sticks to me like glue isn’t the least bit of an exaggeration. plus, you know, this is Queer As Cat. i’ve decided that he is 100% relevant and “on topic”.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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