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two new pages have been added to the QAC Tumblr blog

unimportant meta announcement, but:


…so every now and again i sit in front of my laptop and bang away at it like Keyboard Cat, usually resulting in long-winded rants or random posts about feels… or something. Tumblr being Tumblr, those posts are subsequently lost to the abyss that is this blog soon after i post them, never to be seen again without digging through tags.

this page is a non-exhaustive compilation of some of the things i’ve “written” with videos sprinkled in, organized in descending chronological order by category.


#LGBTQIA in Japan*

i often get asks asking me about things related to Japan or the Japanese language and from time to time i write spontaneous posts related to my experiences in Japan. this page is a compilation of some of those posts.

disclaimer: in case this isn’t already clear, please note that everything on this page and on my blog in general is nothing but my personal opinion / experience / etc. no more no less.


…nothing more than linkspam pages, but i’ve been wanting to make them for a long time because Tumblr is so damn unorganized that it takes effort even for me to find my own posts. hopefully this will help others find posts more easily, should they want to…

on each page are links to past posts and videos that i’ve made on a wide variety of topics including (a)sexuality, gender, queer intersectionality, mental healthYouTube drama, being black in Japan, asexual & non-binary terminology in Japan, etc organized roughly into broad categories.

both pages can be accessed from the left side of the blog within the rest of the blog’s navigational links. i’ll do my best to update both pages going forward.

*links will only open if viewed on a desktop or by using a mobile browser to view this post because the Tumblr app sucks.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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