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Re: Demiromantic and Gray (a)romantic Flags




after making the arospec pride flag set, something about the demiromantic and gray (a)romantic flags really bothered me.

the aromantic flag has no purple in it. from what i remember of that flag’s creation, this was done intentionally to distinguish aromanticism from asexuality as the two are often mistakenly linked.

shouldn’t it be the same for the demiromantic flag vs the demisexual flag and the gray (a)romantic flag vs the gray asexual flag? in replacing the purple with green, there is a more visible connection to aromanticism and thus to being part of the aromantic spectrum.

i think i will go ahead and revise the pride flag photoset, but thoughts anyone? i’m probably not even the first to think of this, but yeah?

Are you the creator of these pride flags? Just wondering.

…i hesitate to say that i am the original creator of these flags as all i did was alter the colors of demisexual and gray (a)sexual flags that someone else designed– but yes. i made the flags above because at the time of my original post (March 2015) there weren’t any commonly used flags for demiromanticism or grayromanticism and i didn’t care for what few flag proposals i’d managed to find…


…so i did some digging, as one does when one’s anxious about literally everything, and found this post that dates back to 2014 and shows that someone had the same idea as me before i had it myself.

but wait, there’s more.

in the process, i also found out that i had apparently seen that very post back in 2014, but subsequently forgot all about it… apparently.

BUT WAIT, it gets better.

not only had i seen that post, i apparently reblogged it with commentary from someone else noting how problematic the flag design is– agreeing with said commentary about it being problematic in the tags.

…and then i thoughtlessly went ahead and made the same design mistake months later.

lololol fuck me.

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