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Q&A: “Is Maverique basically no gender as your gender identity?”

anonymous said:

Is Maverique basically no gender as your gender identity? Kinda like how Agender is genderness. Maverique is no gender as your gender?

sorry for the delayed response, anon, but i think you’ve got maverique and agender confused…?

agender is commonly described as being (among other things) genderless, gender neutral and / or non-participatory in gender all together (as opposed to being a gender itself).

maverique, on the other hand, is none of those things. maverique is described as having an explicit gender (as opposed to not having a gender at all). that gender (ie. maverique) is unrelated to either female or male gender, but at the same not “neutral” just because it happens to be independent of those two genders.

for more information, you may (or may not) find this post helpful. there’s also the FAQ page over at @maveriques.

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