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Q&A not Q&A: “I’m quite surprised with the commentary about color-swapped flags being problematic…”

nbandproud said:

I’m quite surprised with the commentary about color-swapped flags being problematic, since nowadays I don’t see any complaints directed at them. I’ve always heard the aro flag that just replaced purple with green was “made by someone problematic”, so I’m glad you brought that post to light (there’s also the issue of that being the most popular androsexual flag), but… I don’t think you need to worry much :p

(re: this post)

…honestly, what surprises (and embarrasses) me is the fact that i even forgot about how problematic those flag designs are because, reflecting back on it now, i remember color-swapped flags being part of a larger issue that eventually became at least somewhat prominently discussed on Tumblr?

that larger issue being the nature of the relationship between the asexual and aromantic communities, a topic that i hardly see discussed at all these days.

which is why i feel like the lack of complaints (re: the linked grayro & demiro flags in particular) that you see on Tumblr these days is largely due to much of ace Tumblr diverting its time / energy / focus / etc away from issues within the ace community in order to deal with the [at times deafening] whitenoise that has been issues that originate outside of the ace community (ie. ‘ace discourse’)…

anyway, i’m just annoyed with myself more than anything, but thanks. 🙂

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