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Q&A: “…does [maverique] coexist with genderfluidity?”

anonymous said:

I had a question about maverique. I am genderfluid and I am sometimes a boy, a girl, agender, or bigender but I have another gender that I normally just call yellow because I was uncomfortable with the term gender neutral. Maverique sounds like the perfect description for it. Is it okay to use it when describing my possible genders or does it not coexist with genderfluidity. Thank you!

hello, anon.

maverique is no different from any other gender in that some maveriques are monogender (ie. only have one gender, that being maverique) while others have or experience multiple genders, one of which is maverique.

if you’re comfortable describing yourself as maverique, then by all means please do. know that you don’t need an ‘okay’ from me (or anyone else) to do so, although thanks to you and many others asking, i can say with confidence that you’d be in good company should you decide to describe yourself as maverique. 🙂

best wishes.

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