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Q&A: “What mic do you use to record your videos?”

anonymous said:

Hi Vesper! What mic do you use to record your videos?

hi anon. 🙂

i’ve been using a RØDE VideoMic Pro for the past 10 months because for awhile i lived in a very noisy apartment and the street noise in all of my videos finally got to me. no matter what i did, the camera’s built-in mic was just too good at picking up ambient noise from outside my apartment.

that said, for 3 years prior to that i used the camera’s built-in mic and the built-in mic was fine until i moved to the paper-thin-walled apartment.

generally speaking, external mics tend to be unnecessary, especially when just starting out on YouTube, because built-in mics tend to be decent these days. that said, if you do find yourself needing an external mic, there’s no reason to fork out the kind of cash that i did for mine. there are lots of other decent mics with good cost-performance, i’m just ridiculous, so…

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