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Q&A: “what does Xジェンダー mean?”

anonymous said:

Heya! Sorry to bother you, but what does Xジェンダー mean? Is it literally the Japanese translation of non-binary? Or has the same meaning? Thanks

according to 「Xジェンダーって何?」, Xジェンダー (”x gender”) is:


a word that refers to a gender identity; a term unique to Japan to refer to people who do not identify as either of the two genders, male and female, that are assigned at birth, but rather self-identifies as neither male nor female, both male and female or as a different gender entirely.

while i don’t have any sources to link to at the moment, i’m fairly certain that Xジェンダー was coined in Japan completely independent of “non-binary” in the English language. in fact, i’m also fairly certain that it was coined before usage of “non-binary” in reference to gender in English, but again, no source links because i’m too tired to dig for them.

either way, Xジェンダー is commonly translated as “non-binary” in English and vice versa because, as the definition above shows, their meaning (and usage both as an umbrella term and as a specific identity) are notably similar.

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