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Feedback: “Thank you for defending us aporagender people…”

anonymous said:

Hey! Thank you for defending us aporagender people even if it’s not your problem! Really, thank you so much. It felt like some posts were attacking us directly. Many of us are almost incapable of trying to fight back because the nature of the posts were becoming rather violent and, personally, they made me afraid of coming out as my gender in public.

( re: this post? )

no need to thank me, anon. i’m just sorry that the incessant ‘discourse’ (to use le mot à la mode) that always seems to come and go on this site regarding maverique / aporagender / aliagender and “third gender” has caused you and others so much distress… whether i be aporagender myself or not, it is still very much my problem and has been since before either “maverique” or “aporagender” were coined. furthermore, as someone who has weathered multiple reiterations of said ‘discourse’, believe me when i say that i understand how distressing it can be.

having said all that, as alone and afraid as the ‘discourse’ on this site can make you feel, don’t forget that you’re not alone and it’s not on you to have to fight back in the first place. it’s my hope that eventually said ‘discourse’ will stop chasing its own tail and instead run itself into the ground for good, but in the meantime do whatever you need to to take care of yourself and stay safe. this maverique, at least, has got your back.

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